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Shell Beach Surf School!

We've launched the website for Shell Beach Surf School. Found at, Shell Beach Surf School provides surf lessons, surf school and surf camp for all students who are ready to learn how to surf. If you're looking for single lessons or a group lesson, visit our SBSS Surf Lessons Overview Page to learn more. Interested in a series of more advanced lessons? Visit SBSS Surf School to learn more. Visiting the Central Coast in June and July and want to come to Surf Camp? Visit SBSS Surf Camp to learn more!

Free Wax!!!

If you want a free bar of wax, this is an easy promo. Log into Yelp and visit our Shell Beach Surf Shop Yelp Review Page and give us a review. Then, cruise down to the shop, show us your I.D. and let us know you did a review. We'll take a look and verify that review and then hook you up with a bar of wax.